Effect of Live Education Targeted to Genetic Counselors on Knowledge and Competence
Presented at the ASCO20 Virtual Meeting

Effect of Participation in the Annual Immuno-oncology Young Investigators’ Forum (IOYIF) on the Competence and Performance of Young Researchers
Presented at the ASCO20 Virtual Meeting

Advancing OB/GYN Knowledge, Competence, and Performance Related to Abnormal Uterine Bleeding and Intravenous Iron Supplementation for Effective Management of Iron Deficiency Anemia: Outcomes Analysis from a 2019 Educational Initiative Submitted for the ASH 2020 Annual Meeting and Exposition

Examining the Impact of an Intensive, Multi-day Immersion Educational Activity in Epileptology on the Confidence and Knowledge of Neurology Residents and Child Neurology Fellow Submitted for the AES 2020 Annual Meeting

An Online, Accredited Educational Activity Improves The Knowledge Of Physicians In Hyperkalemia Treatment Using Novel Potassium Binding Agents Submitted for the AHA Virtual Scientific Sessions 2020

Closing The Gaps in Lung Cancer Care: Involving Patient Advocates to Educate the Lung Cancer Community
Presented at various 2018 Lung Cancer Conferences by EGFR Resisters

Exploring Targeted Interprofessional Strategies to Create Connections Across the Continuum of Care
Presented at the 2017 ACEhp Annual Meeting

Assessment of Learning from an Interprofessionally Delivered CE Activity on Tardive Dyskinesia for Psychiatric Specialty Nurses
Presented at the 2017 College of Psychiatric and Neurologic Pharmacists (CPNP) Annual Meeting 

Assessment of Pharmacist Knowledge Change by Practice Site Following Completion of an Online Continuing Pharmacy Educational Diabetes Management Activity
Presented at 2016 American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP)