CEC Oncology is pleased to offer your facility a complimentary, accredited Grand Rounds presentation entitled, Revolutionizing the Paradigm and Prognosis of B-Cell Malignancies with BTK Inhibitors. This presentation is available from February 26, 2018 through February 28. 2019.

Activity Overview
Bruton’s tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitors are in a new class of targeted therapies that is revolutionizing the treatment of many forms of cancer, including B-cell lymphomas—the most common type of hematologic malignancy. A first-generation BTK inhibitor already has dramatically changed the treatment calculus in B-cell cancers, and now second-generation agents are available that may offer advantages in safety while also delivering high rates of response. Such therapies will play an increasingly important role in the management of B-cell malignancies, and as an alternative to highly toxic chemotherapy.

BTK inhibitor therapy’s much greater tolerability over other treatment options allows for treatment over a long period of time and for treatment to occur outside the confines of the clinic. In this situation, patient education and engagement are increasingly important factors in treatment success. Shared decision making (SDM)—practitioners and patients actively working together to formulate treatment plans that take into account patient preferences and concerns—is an invaluable component of engaging patients in their own care and improving their adherence to therapy.

This Grand Rounds program will provide attendees with an understanding of the role of BTK inhibitors within the spectrum of pharmacologic therapy for B-cell lymphomas and will offer insights into principles of SDM and related approaches to better engage patients as partners in care, with the goal of improving outcomes over the long term.

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